Login Help

We are sorry that you are having trouble logging into the site.  Here are a few tips that my address your problem.

This website is for everyone but the "parent" section of the site is reserved for current Cottage Co-op parents. When you register for an account, you must provide an email address that is on file with the school so we can authenticate you as a current parent.

If you are having trouble registering for an account, please contact us. The problem may be that we have a different email address for you.

Once you do register for an account, you will be sent an email that has a one-time link that will allow you to log into the site and set your password. If you do not receive this email, please check your SPAM folder to be sure it did not get thrown away. If this does not work, contact us and we will set your password, manually.

There are two common problems causing user trouble when attempting to log into the site. First - are you using the correct email address? If you have more than one email address or if you have changed your email address and have not updated your Cottage records, be sure you are using the email you used when you register for an account.

The second common problem is that you either forgot your password or are using the wrong one. You can easily reset your password by visiting the "Forgot Your Password?" page and entering your email address. We will send you a link so you can reset your password. If you do not get this email, check your SPAM folder, and if you still can't find the email, contact us and we will reset your password, manually.

A less common problem is when you try to login with the wrong password and get blocked. As a security precaution, we block accounts that have too many invalid login attempts in a short period. There are two options for you if your account is blocked: a) wait a few hours and try again, or b) contact us and we will reset your account.

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