Marlowe Majoewskys 

How did you join the board/become a pod captain?

I just happened to be walking by when they were assigning jobs during a coffee on the lawn and asked me if I would be interested in joining the board. The communications pod spot hadn't been filled so they asked if I would do it; "It will be easy!  You just have to send out a few emails!" It has been a great experience, but much more work than advertised.

Tell us briefly, what your main responsibilities are as a pod captain.

The communications pod creates a weekly newsletter to update the school community on current events and has links to previous board meeting minutes, snack menus, weekly curriculum, upcoming events, etc. We create flyers for advertising upcoming events and promoting our school. We maintain email lists and the Cottage website. In addition, we handle all things computer and technology related. This year, we are transitioning to new software that we hope will make everyone's lives easier by being able to easily manage billing, vaccine requirements, parent and student information and bunch of other great functions with one platform. We also manage social media sites (check us out on Facebook and Instagram) and are working on further establishing our online community (read something interesting?  Post it!).

What has been most surprising thing you've learned as a co-op member/pod captain/board member?

How much work everyone puts into supporting the school.

Is there anything you feel especially proud of accomplishing in your position?

The extension of our community online. Our family has had so many wonderful experiences by joining impromptu playdates posted online and we have gone to many great places and events we didn't know existed.

Also, although still in progress, unraveling the many layers of the communications pod to simplify things (it could be so much easier!) and getting things more organized and straightforward for the next person to take over the pod.