Stephanie Hamilton

How did you join the board/become a pod captain?

I was enthusiastically recruited by my friend Cori to become the pod captain for Admissions, as she was pod captain in 2016.

Tell us briefly what your main responsibilities are as a pod captain.

I am responsible for all the logistics of the admissions process and facilitating all admissions events such as Open House, Info Nights, and tours/playdates.  I also facilitate the evaluation of applications to find the most suitable matches for class openings.

What has been most surprising thing you've learned as a co-op member/pod captain/board member?

I am most surprised by the role of the board.  When I was just a co-op member, I didn't know anything about the role of the board or what they did.  Now I realize that there is a ton of work they do behind the scenes that not only keeps the lights on, but keeps the school thriving.  

Is there anything you feel especially proud of accomplishing in your position?

Since this is my first time leading a team, I think I'll be able to reflect next year and look at all the new families and feel proud that my team had such a role in helping to extend our community.