Treasurer / Events

Neil Symes

How did you join the board/become a pod captain?

Last year was our first year in Olive.  After settling in getting our family pod jobs etc, Cori (Admissions Pod Captain at the time) suggested that I attend a board meeting.  Having been a part of HOA boards in the past, I at least wanted to see and start to understand how Cottage board worked.  Showing up, as a new parent to a board meeting apparently got Gargi’s attention.  A few months later, while discussing pod jobs for the following year with Gargi on the lawn, she suggested to Angela that I join the board.  Community Events had an opening, and although I had not been on their pod, she thought I was a good fit.

Tell us briefly, what your main responsibilities are as a pod captain.

As the Community Events Pod captain, I help facilitate and organize the different community events we have at cottage.  These include the all-school events including the Ice Cream Social and Fall Festival and smaller class or yard specific potlucks.  In addition, the team and I support other pods events when needed (Parent-Eds and Admissions).  For each event, we do set-up of the tables, dishes etc, anything that is needed during the event, and clean-up (dishes) after the event.

What has been most surprising thing you've learned as a co-op member/pod captain/board member?

The breadth of knowledge and experience on the board and in the community as a whole.  I feel like this community could do anything they set out to do.

Is there anything you feel especially proud of accomplishing in your position?

I am new to the position and the pod, so have been just attempting to keep up with events and managing peoples availability and schedules.  I have spent some time organizing the information needed for the next pod captain as well as the wiki overall.