Cottage Co-op Nursery School is a product of the imagination and will of the families that founded this school in 1972. Each year new families arrive and our school continues to evolve and grow. Our alumni families are an integral part of what Cottage Co-op has become. We are always reaching out to alumni families in hope of maintaining a connection to the rich history this school holds. We believe that each family, past and current, is like a brick that sustains the integrity and strength of our school. Please consider reaching out and reconnecting with the Cottage community. We are always adding new parent ed events and community events to strengthen this connection.

If interested to hear more about Cottage Events, and to keep in touch with current and other alumni, please join the private FaceBook Group.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please feel free to reach out to our Alumni Board Member -

Gargi Matuszeski -

Or our Director -

Jocelyn Robertson at

Upcoming Alumni Events


Alumni Tuition Assistance Drive

Cottage Co-op is committed to providing an affordable preschool education for our families. To achieve this, we strive to offer tuition assistance to those families who may not otherwise be able to afford the preschool experience or who suffer a temporary financial emergency.

Our ability to offer tuition assistance is dependent upon the financial resources available in our scholarship fund.  This year we are reaching out to our Alumni to assist in this goal. Please consider a donation to this great cause.

Alumni Tuition Assistance