New Website FAQ

I can't find something- how do I get help?

Take a look on this page- and see if we have an FAQ for what you are looking for. Still can't find it- Please fill out our Website Feedback form form, with comments, questions, anything!

What is Sandbox vs the Website?

  • Sandbox is a service offered to preschools to track billing, immunizations and assisting us with staffing hours, training etc. Because it is meant for general preschools, some of the specifics around being a Co-Op, including Apple Sales, Fix-It Hours, Parent-Eds and Annual Fund will be tracked on the Website, with a login. We will post a link to Sandbox as soon as its ready.
  • The Website is our face to the world, and where we maintain some of the Co-Op Specific items (included above) will be tracked in the class specific sections of the website.

I forgot the page password, where do i find it again?

Email your room rep for the password to the class specific pages.

My fix-it Hours or parent ed credits are wrong

  • First, if you have children in more than 1 class, you will only be included in the eldest childs classroom page.
  • Second, please check that the credits have been updated since you completed your obligation. The last time the information was updated is avilable on the top line of the report. Our pod leaders also have jobs and other commitments, and it can sometimes take a while to get all information updated on the website.
  • Email the Pod Leader. Contact emails can be found in the board section of the class page.

Quick Links - Board.png

I don't want my fix-it hours or Parent-Eds visible to the entire class,

can I change that?

Yes, Email the Pod Leader, contact emails can be found in the board section of the class page.


My contact information is wrong, how do I correct it?

Contact you class rep. Class rep information is at the top of all class pages. (See bleow)


I have an amazing photo I would like to see featured on the website

how can I give it to you?

Please email the administrator of the website -

I have a question on Tuition - Where do I go?

Contact the director -

How do I find the class pages?


From there, select the class, and enter the password.


Don't know the password - email your class rep.

How do I find the classroom rep and class info?

The top of each class page has the Classroom Rep and other Class Info


How do I find the Class lists?

Class list is available on each class page.

Quick Links - Class Contact.png

How do I find the Snack Menu?

The snack menu is available in multiple places.

  • A summary is available on the Current Families Page
  • A summary is available on each of the class pages
  • The full snack menu is on the Families on the Main Menu,  under Snack Menu

How do I find the School events?

School events are available in two places.

  • On each class page, Class specific events are available under the Quick Link – Upcoming events.
Quick Links - Events.png
  • In addition, the entire school calendar is available on the School Events Calendar 

How do I find the Upcoming parent eds?

Parent Eds are available in two places:

  • On each class page, Parent Ed events are available under the Quick Link – Parent Eds
Quick Links - Parent Eds.png
  • They are also available on the public page- on the main menu under Parent Eds

How do I find the Class work schedule?

On each class page, The work schedule is posted – to quickly access it –use the Link under quick links called “Work Schedule”

Quick Links - Work Calendar.png

How do I find the Board member contact information?

Board member information is available on each class page under the quick link “The Board”

Quick Links - Board.png

o    If you don’t know who to contact – check out the Families FAQ Page

o    I still can’t find what I need –

  • Contact the director via email –

How do I find the place to pay tuition

Soon, this will be Sandbox, but for now, contact the director -